Divi sions


The Dea Contract Hotels Division has started out in 2002 executing more than 100 projects all over the world for the most important luxury hotel chains.


Over the last years a renaissance of bar and restaurant culture has provided architects and designers with the opportunity to pursue a realm of ideas, experimenting with materials, with light and with colours to provide a dramatic backdrop to everyday life. Eating and drinking have become synonymous with fun and escapism, and the possible ways for interior spaces to achieve that combination are endless.


Projects carried out by the Office Division are never standard off-the-shelf ones, but respond to each client’s own personal requirements in terms of comfortable space, aesthetics and functionality to create an ambience that allows them to work to their own levels of calm and concentration. Our Office Division is able to carry out, on a turnkey basis, the most diverse office projects: for executive meeting rooms or operative offices and workstations, supplying sittings, dividing walls, executive tables, functional cabinets, and more.


Our Residential Division is the one which mostly deals with unique personalities and emotions: a person’s home reflects their aesthetic views and their idea of comfort and lifestyle. Moreover, in Residential projects, all the rules applying to the interior design of the hospitality industry do not apply. This is why in these projects we deal with the maximum of personalization opportunities especially for what concerns millworks, carpeting, draperies and lamps. The greatest importance is also given to unique pieces of furniture; those pieces which catch the eye for their beauty, luxury and accurate workmanship. Therefore, our manufacturing know-how and skills is at its best here: special inlay work, hand-painted pieces, engraved sections, the most difficult finishes and unusual shapes are just some of the daily challenges that our Retail Division face to satisfy the requirements of private client and their architects.

Spa & Wellness

The objective of any time spent in a wellness centre is to feel good by restoring the contact between mind, body and spirit. Our furnishing solutions for health and fitness centres are designed to foster that atmosphere of absolute and amazing relaxation, engaging and cradling of all senses, to rediscover one’s self whilst letting go of any sense of time. Our Spa & Wellness Division is able to supply a wide range of furnishings (millwork and loose), with the most appropriate characteristics to adapt to these environments, like the use of metals, woods and varnishing able to resist to dampness and heat.

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