Our Story

About us

Dea Contract is a highed skill company in the design and production of luxury furnishing projects for the niche luxury market.

Dea Contract has always based its vision of preject on the search for quality.
The Dea Contract managerial and technical expertise provide systems and furnishing accessories for all rooms of the contract project: complements, wardrobes, beds, sofas and all the suppliesneeds.

Dea Contract is a high skilled company specialized in carrying out important projects all over the world, creating furnishings for hotels and resort, restaurants, residences, store and boutique, cruise liners and head offices. Each division support team of architects and technical experts is able to collaborate in a constructive and dynamic fashion with designers and construction companies or shipbuilders in the development and creation of interior fittings and furnishings, using both the mass produced designs modified to specific request, and creating to order.

The Dea Contract Team provide all the assistance necessary to complete the project successfully, including our "ready to use" package.


What we means for Made in Italy

Thanks to its courageous entrepreneurial and organisational stance, Dea Contract goes against many of the current market and economic trends.

Management: an important feature of the three companies is the clear distinction made between company ownership and management. There is a management committee made up of our top managers from different departments. This committee is responsible for all strategic and operational decision-making. Our clients are normally large international companies and as such demand a more flexible managerial approach, rather than the traditional system of power centralised around the owner. The responsibility given to individual managers produces a truly dynamic, streamlined and, above all, client-orientated organisation.

Strictly Italian Manufacturing: all the products in Dea Contract’s catalogue are made in Italy, mainly for socio-ethical reasons, but also because we firmly believe that only by using Italian products can we guarantee the quality demanded by clients who operate at the luxury end of the market. We ensures top quality at competitive prices through efficient management of production cycles rather than by using cheap labour outside Italy.

Skilled Staff: We believes that is a company’s duty to be of benefit to the whole group rather than to a few individuals. We employ all our staff on permanent contracts. because we believe in the enormous advantages in having a stable workforce with consolidated experience and expertise. Many of the top positions are occupied by women.


The Know-how and skills

Dea Contract started out in the luxury hotel sector, and has earned with time a position of excellence in all sorts of projects: designer stores, restaurants, resort, offices, yachts, health and fitness centres, private residences and more.

In the luxury hospitality sector each different place requests an extremely specific know-how. The technological equipment in the manufacturing of this special furniture it requires, is specially designed to contribute to the uniqueness of the ambience and to the final scope of the place they it furnishes. This is why Dea Contract has created specialized Divisions in which our best-skilled project managers team up with the most qualified specialists, technicians, and designers to handle the complexity of each and every single project and make the final result an absolute success.

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